Another day, another red-tagged Million Dollar Fish in the bag!

Australia’s richest fishing competition is in for a record-breaking season, with another $10,000 fish caught as part of Million Dollar Fish Season 8 over the weekend.

A total of 11 red-tagged barramundi have been recaptured across the Top End with fishos sharing in a whopping $120,000 of prize money from competition underwriter SportsBet.

Territorian Yo Thu Yar is the latest fisho to find himself $10,000 richer. He reeled in his 55cm prize-tagged barramundi land-based fishing at Daly River Crossing. Mr Yar’s fish is the third red-tagged barramundi to have been caught at the Daly River Crossing this season. The keen angler said he plans to share most of his prize money with his grandmother.

Mr Yar said he’s been fishing for years and has caught lots of barra.

“I’ve fished at Daly River Crossing plenty of times and could not believe it when I pulled the fish out and saw the red tag.

“I’ve registered for every season of Million Dollar Fish, so it was great to finally catch one.

Fishos to nominate charity of choice

Each time a $10,000 fish is caught, an additional $1,000 is given to an official Million Dollar Fish charity of the fisho’s choice. Mr Yar chose Shoreline, an organisation that provides education and employment opportunities to Indigenous students.

Shoreline Managing Director Jason Ryan said he was delighted that Shoreline was nominated as the charity of choice for the $1,000 donation.

“The donation will go directly towards creating opportunities for young Indigenous students to develop their skills and obtain marine certifications to become fishing guides,” he said.

There is still plenty of time to register for Million Dollar Fish and hook a red-tagged barramundi. Season 8 runs until 31 March 2023. Registered anglers can win up to $1 million in prize money, with 89 $10,000 barra still swimming around Top End waterways. In addition there are nine fish worth a million bucks. This includes the Season 8 Million Dollar Fish, plus the other big ones from previous seasons, which are still eligible to be caught. Each season, red-tagged barramundi are released in five main fishing regions across the Top End including Tiwi Islands, Darwin, Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Katherine.

Registrations is free, and allows anyone over the age of 18 to claim prize money from a red-tagged fish. Registered participants also go into the monthly Lucky Prize Pool to win fantastic prizes. These include holiday packages, fishing equipment, gift vouchers, camping gear and much more. For more info, visit