Are you FOUR real? Fourth fish caught!

Fish being caught in river

Australia’s richest fishing comp is shaping up to be a record breaking bonanza with another red-tagged barra reeled in only days after the official launch of Season 6.

Mad-keen fisho Rowan Francis bagged the biggest catch of his life when he lured in a $10,000 barra, measuring 57cm in length, while fishing with his family at Yellow Water in Kakadu on Tuesday.

“My partner and the kids were asleep up the front of the boat and I was with my son when we hooked the fish. They thought we’d seen a croc when we started screaming,” he said.

“We fish Yellow Water a lot so it was awesome to reel in a $10,000 fish there. The barra was only 57cm but any size is good with a red tag.”

Mr Francis said he’d registered for Million Dollar Fish ever since it started back in 2015 but never thought he’d catch a red tag.

Now $10,000 richer, he plans to take his family of fishing fanatics on a bill fishing holiday.

This was the fourth Season 6 Fish caught since the comp opened on 1 October, bringing the tally to an all-time record high of four barra caught in six days with $45,000 in prize money given out to registered fishos from the Territory and around Australia.

There are still 97 $10,000 barra swimming around Territory waterways, along with four Double-Tagged Barra and seven barra worth a million bucks waiting to be caught.

Will you try your luck at becoming a millionaire?

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