First Charity Fish of Million Dollar Fish Season 6 in the bag!

Man holding up prize-tagged barra with Captain Starlights

Darwinite Tony McLean has pocketed $2,500 after reeling in the first Charity Fish of Million Dollar Fish Season 6.

Caught on Sunday morning at East Point, the local fisho was land-based fishing with a mate when he reeled in the 56cm barra.

Worth $5,000 in total, the purple-tagged fish will see Tony take home a cheque for $2,500 with the other half donated to his Million Dollar Fish-affiliated charity of choice, The Starlight Children’s Foundation.

While the Charity Fish was not the Million Dollar Fish, Mr McLean said he was very happy to win $2,500 and donate the other half to a great cause.

“We’ve had a few celebratory beers since reeling in the Charity Fish and I’m very pleased to be able to give $2,500 to the Starlight Children’s Foundation – it’s a cause that is important to me,” he said.

“I’ve decided to split half the cash with my mate who was with me. He’s going to put the money towards new fishing gear and my wife needs a new lawn mower so that’s what I’ll be spending my winnings on.”

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