Size really does matter when picking the perfect lure

When it comes to catching barramundi and deciding what lure to use, size really does matter.

Barramundi are a jumping, fighting and lure-smashing Australian icon. No other fish quite evokes the same sense of action and adventure.

So it’s important to know from the outset on the size of lure you’d like to use.

When it comes to chasing big barramundi, it’s hard to go past using big lures. If you have ever caught a whopper, you will know just how big that bucket mouth is and why they have an appetite to suit.

For this reason, larger barra will prefer to feed on larger sized baitfish often over the 20cm mark or a 15-17cm soft plastic. Remember, an inferior lure might not be able to hold up against the might of a metery.

Good things come in small packages

If you’re targeting smaller fish, you may want to drop down to a 7-10cm soft plastic. Good things can come in small packages so it’s worth keeping in mind that a big barra will always eat a smaller lure but a little barra may shy away from a larger lure.

A slow approach is also desired. No quickies, here. Barramundi, even when they are at their hungriest, love a slow-rolled lure. This can be worked at super slow speeds with maximum action. Being able to fish your lure slowly also adds to added visibility under the water.

Don’t be scared to switch up your lures from time to time, either. Variety is definitely the spice of life and fishing.

Experiment, too, with several sorts and colours (you can’t go wrong with a pack of paddle tail soft plastics and a pack of Gold Bomber hard plastics) until you find the one that works best for you.

Happy fishing! And make sure you’re registered before you hit the water.