NT fishing competition now offers 24 x barra worth a million bucks for 2024!

There are now more chances than ever, 24 in fact, to reel in a life-changing barramundi in the Northern Territory thanks to Australia’s richest fishing competition, Million Dollar Fish.

Joining the 12 x $1m barra already released, an extra 12 fish have now been tagged as $1m fish. This means there are 24 ‘big ones’ out there – the most in the history of the competition.

There are also 80 x $10,000 barra to be caught.

Million Dollar Fish, supported by SportsBet, is run by Northern Territory Major Events Company. CEO Suzana Bishop says someone is guaranteed to reel in a million dollars during Season 9, and the odds have never been better.

“We’ve kicked off 2024 with the most million-dollar fish ever and we are definitely giving away a million dollars this season, so there has never been a better time to visit the Northern Territory,” she says.

“This is a unique competition in a unique destination. Nowhere else in the world could fishing change your life like this. Head to the Top End and enjoy world-class fishing in our pristine waterways, plus the chance to become a millionaire!”

There are now 24 fish sporting $1m tags as part of Million Dollar Fish Season 9
There are now 24 fish sporting $1m tags as part of Million Dollar Fish Season 9

SportsBet NT Operations and Partnerships Manager Thijs Bors says there is just a few months of Million Dollar Fish Season 9 left.

“As the major sponsor of Million Dollar Fish, SportsBet is thrilled to be playing a part in making one lucky fisho a millionaire and helping dozens of others become $10,000 richer,” he says.

“With less than 10 weeks of Season 9 left, now is the time to register and get out on the water before it’s too late!”

Once a $1m fish is caught, all remaining fish, including those tagged at $1m, will become $10,000 fish.

Season 9 runs from 1 October 2023 to 31 March 2024. To claim any prize money from a tagged fish, you must be registered for Season 9 of Million Dollar Fish. This also automatically enters you into the Lucky Prize Pool, which includes thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes up for grabs. Register now for free at www.milliondollarfish.com.au.

Second red-tagged $10,000 barra of Season 9 caught!

Just two weeks into Australia’s richest fishing competition, a lucky fisho has caught the second $10,000 barra of Million Dollar Fish Season 9. Andrew Russell from Wagait Beach is the happy angler. It follows the first fish caught just three hours after the competition began. Find out more here.

“I was out on my boat with my neighbour. He’s also called Andrew and we’re always fishing together. We were on the last two casts of the day when I snagged a barra and saw the tag. I was pretty nervous reeling the fish in, but lucky for me I landed it,” Mr Russell said.

“I’m going to split the cash with Andrew. And I’ll get out onto the water as soon as possible to hopefully catch one of the 11 fish worth a million dollars.”

Someone will definitely win a million dollars during Season 9. To help things along, this season we’ve released not one, but two, fish worth a million dollars. There are now 11 fish worth a million, as all the big ones from previous seasons remain eligible to be caught.

Andrew caught his 73cm barra on Thursday, 12 October at Woods Inlet. Ninety-eight $10,000 barra are still out there.

All winning fishos can donate an extra $1000 to their Million Dollar Fish charity of choice. Andrew chose Cancer Council NT.

Cancer Council NT CEO Tanya Izod said Cancer Council NT was very grateful to Andrew for choosing us as his charity.

“This donation will go directly to our nurse-led oncology clinics and services for Territory cancer patients,” she said.

“Eighty-three per cent of our annual funding comes from fundraising events like Million Dollar Fish. Every person who attends an event, volunteers on our programs or sponsors our work supports cancer patients. Our services are available to anyone touched by cancer. Thank you again Andrew for supporting our valuable work.”

Season 9 of Million Dollar Fish runs from 1 October 2023 to 31 March 2024. Register now to be eligible to claim any prize money from a tagged barra. This automatically enters you into the Lucky Prize Pool, which includes thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes. Register now here.

Australia’s richest fishing competition reels in million dollar dream

Australia’s richest fishing competition, Million Dollar Fish, releases two barramundi worth a million dollars. This is for Season 9 of of the competition which opened on Sunday, 1 October 2023.

There’s now 11 million-dollar barra swimming in the Territory’s pristine waterways in the competition, underwritten by SportsBet.

Competition organiser Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) confirms a winner will take home a million dollars during Season 9. So now’s the time to book a trip to the Northern Territory’s Top End and wet a line.

Releasing two ‘big ones’ is the first in a raft of initiatives ensuring a lucky angler reels in a million bucks. We will reveal further initiatives as Australia’s richest fishing competition progresses.

As well as the two fish carrying million-dollar red tags, 100 barramundi sporting a $10,000 tag were released across the Top End’s pristine fishing regions of Darwin, Katherine, Kakadu, Arnhem Land and the Tiwi Islands. The Territory has some of the best fishing in the country with anglers able to fish creeks, billabongs, rivers and the blue water.

11 chances to catch a million dollars in Australia’s richest fishing competition

We have paid out $925,000 to anglers since Million Dollar Fish began in 2015. This is for fishos who hooked a $10k red-tagged barra, with the million-dollar barra not reeled in, yet.

For Season 9, 11 barramundi with a million-dollar tag are eligible to be caught, meaning there’s 11 chances to catch a million dollars. Once a million-dollar tagged fish is hooked, all other million-dollar tagged fish revert to $10K for the rest of Season 9.

NTMEC delivers Million Dollar Fish on behalf of the Northern Territory Government. NTMEC CEO Suzana Bishop expects record-breaking registrations for the biggest prize pool yet.

“We saw record registrations for Season 8, and the most fish caught – 20!,” Mrs Bishop said. “With enthusiasm for Season 9 so high, thanks to the promise the million will go off, it looks set to be even bigger.

“More than 16,000 eager anglers have already registered for free, and many are from interstate. This is great news for the Territory as they head here to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.”

Season 8 of Million Dollar Fish reels in big bucks

Season 8 of Million Dollar Fish generated a total expenditure stimulus of $70.8 million, 33.3 per cent ($23.6 million) of which was new money to the Top End region.

It also delivers for the community, with winning fishos able to donate $1,000 to an Official Charity Partner when they snag a $10,000 barra.

A further $10,000 will be donated to an Official Charity Partner when a Million Dollar Fish is reeled in. Official Charity Partners are Cancer Council NT, Shoreline, Starlight Children’s Foundation Darwin Star Ball and Riding for the Disabled Association Top End.

SportsBet NT Operations and Partnerships Manager Thijs Bors said the competition has lured in anglers from all over the world.

“The Territory has the best fishing, the best people and the best lifestyle. It also offers you the chance to catch a million dollars. Why would you go anywhere else on holiday?” he said.

Only those registered for Season 9 can claim any cash from a red-tagged barra.


Catch Australia’s Most Wanted for $1 Million Reward

A cash reward of $1 million is being offered to the individual who can bring in Australia’s Most Wanted Fish, currently at large in Northern Territory waters.

Part of a barramundi gang widely known as the ‘Million Dollar Fish Red-Tag Crew’, authorities are calling on anglers around the country to help locate the head fishy fugitive, known as the Season 7 Million Dollar Fish. Authorities are also on the hunt for seven of his scaly relatives, who carry cash rewards of $1 million. Around 100 other Season 7 gang members on the swim carry a $10,000 reward.

A campaign dubbed ‘Australia’s Most Wanted’ has been launched to help raise awareness and increase the odds for those on the hunt for the Season 7 Million Dollar Fish. The slippery suspect was last seen in Darwin Harbour wearing a red tag, as reported by key eyewitnesses.

Fishos willing to join the hunt need to register for Million Dollar Fish for free before hitting the water in order to claim their cash reward, should they catch the Ones That Keep Getting Away. Registrations close on 31 March 2022.

The fish hunt is part of the Million Dollar Fish competition, delivered by Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) and underwritten by SportsBet. NTMEC CEO Tim Watsford said the tagged barramundi have been at large for some time.

“These tagged barra have evaded capture so far, but the fishos are closing in,” Mr Watsford said. “We’ve had 11 $10,000 fish caught as part of Season 7 of the competition, and it’s only a matter of time before one of the Big Ones takes the bait. Any angler keen on bragging rights should have a go at catching Australia’s Most Wanted Fish. And there is no better location to try than the Territory’s pristine waterways.”

SportsBet External Affairs Manager Brad Fanning said the more people get out on the water, the greater their chance of bagging the reward money.

“We’re calling on as many people as possible to join the search by simply registering before the end of March and hitting the water to find this fishy fugitive,” Mr Fanning said. “Eyewitness reports suggest the Season 7 Million Dollar Fish red-tagged runaway may be in the Darwin Harbour region, which is why we are focusing our search efforts on this particular region. Should anyone hook Australia’s most wanted fish, contact us immediately to claim your $1 million cash reward.”

The eight fish carrying a $1 million reward can be caught year-round, but anglers MUST be registered by 31 March 2022 to claim the cash. The $10,000 fish are only active until 31 March 2022, the end of Season 7. Once the first Million Dollar Fish is caught, cash rewards for the remaining seven fugitives decrease to $10,000 each until the end of March, or become null and void if the Big One is caught between April and September.

Register now.