Our top tacklebox tips this festive season!

While organising your tackle is a personal thing, you don’t want to be out on a boat or fishing by the water’s edge only to realise your bits aren’t up to scratch and you don’t have the right gear in your tacklebox to land the big one. Make sure your tacklebox is up-to-date with our top tips.

Check out these top five tacklebox tips and you could be in with a chance of winning a red-tagged barra … or at least be popular at dinner time.

Tidy your tackle:

When it comes to storing your tackle, separating out the reels, lures and line is key. There’s a range of storage systems to chose from. Just take your pick from bait boxes, bags, dry packs, lure wraps, leader holders and soft plastic wraps.

Rack up your rods:

Rods can easily get lost or broken without proper storage. Get them upright and organised with a rod rack, all ready to grab for a trip.

Lure ‘em in:

Have a few (maybe a dozen) lures in your box, like some soft plastics, wobbler-type metals and a couple of hard-bodied minnows in small to medium sizes. Bouncing a frog lure across water lilies and using surface popper lures at night are worth a try.

Take a hard line:

Buy god quality braid and leader. One recommendation is 30 pound braid and 60 pound leader on trolling rods. Another is 50 pound braid and 60 pound leader on bait fishing rods. Also, exposure to light weakens even the best line over time. So keep it shaded.

Pack essentials:

A pair of long-nose pliers to retrieve lures or hooks form fish, a sharp knife for cleaning and filleting your catch and a measuring device so you can check if your fish is legal. Here, size really does matter.

Good luck out there! And make sure you’re registered before you hit the water.