Q&A with Mark Berg from Fishing Addiction


Clearwater Island Lodge has been operating in the Territory for 16 years. Managers Michael and Kerri-Ann Benton have teamed up with Mark Berg, host of 7MATE TV show Fishing Addiction, to reel in another competition deal for fishos wanting to experience a once-in-a-lifetime fishing adventure for Season 6. We chatted to Mark Berg to find out more.

When did you catch your first fish?

I’ve been fishing all my life, since I was about two. My first fish was a mullet and I was about five or six. I knew from a very young age that fishing was my passion and I would continue to chase that ever-elusive ‘fish-of-a-lifetime’ for the rest of my days. I really am no-one special, I’m just a guy that has managed to find a way to share my addiction with other fishing addicts.

Where has your fishing addiction taken you?

All over the world and through many amazing locations throughout this wonderful country of ours to do battle with some incredible species of fish. I have caught just about everything that swims and now I get to share my experiences with a new fisho on my TV show each time we travel. I literally have the best job in the world! 

What can fishos expect who grab a Million Dollar Fish package through Clearwater?

Fishing with some of the best guides and in some of the best locations I have learnt so much and hope that people who take part may pick up a trick or two.

What’s your best fishing hack?

Don’t give up! Keep on casting even when things look like they’re not going to happen. Keep casting, casting, casting, then all of a sudden you’re on. The harder you work the more reward you will get.

What’s your most memorable catch?

At Clearwater it would have to be a 113cm threadfin salmon. I’ve also caught copious amounts of barra there, too. Some sessions have just been incredible. One time this other guy and I caught 200 barra in about three hours. That was about 10 years ago and was the most insane barra session I’ve ever had in my life. I’ll never forget this guy from the first season of my TV show, either.  We were in the Territory and he caught a metre barra, a metre threadie and a metre jewfish all in one morning. Oh, and he got a mud crab on a lure – the guy was on fire. 

What’s your bucket list fish?

I’ve pretty much caught all the ones I’m after in the Territory. I never get tired of the iconic one metre barra, though. Every season I try to catch at least one every time I’m here. Outside of the Territory, my bucket list fish would be catching a 200lb tarpon in New Mexico. I’m always hoping to capture a new species or develop a new technique.

What’s the best months of the year to come fishing in the Territory?

The run off period – from mid-February to end of April/May – is definitely spectacular fishing for barra. But really, you can fish in the Territory all year round. You can certainly catch quality fish any time of the year

Where’s your go-to fishing spot in the Territory?

There’s such a myriad of locations that are so different and unique that’s it’s hard to pick one. I have been going back to Clearwater for about 14 years now because of the diversity of fishing. There’s barra, estuary species and fantastic blue water fishing as well.


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