Q&A with Reel Screamin’ Barra Fishing

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Run by long time locals Ursula and Jarrod Godson, Reel Screamin’ Barra Fishing has been operating in the Top End since 2004. The Darwin-based business owners run fishing charters right across the Top End, with many a meterey caught by locals and visitors alike over the years.

Where’s your favourite fishing spot in the Territory?

Ursula: We love going out to Shady Camp – it just seems like a world away from everywhere. There’s no mobile phone range, there’s plenty of crocodiles and it’s always fun!

Jarrod: That’s where I (Jarrod) caught my first barramundi – I like to sneak out there just after the run off when everybody else goes home. I’ve got a couple of favourite spots out there that we got the family out to.

Which fishing season is your favourite?

Jarrod: My favourite fishing season is the Run Off, closely followed by the Build Up. It’s so special – you’ve got all the flood waters, it’s a very busy time of the year but it’s very rewarding.

Ursula: I do love going out in the Build Up. Over the years we’ve tended to go out on Melbourne Cup day together to go out for a fish and that’s always been good because there’s been no one else out on the water.

Why do you think so many people come up to the Territory to chase barra?

Jarrod: We have got a great Run Off and we’ve got a fantastic Build Up. You can stay in Darwin and within two hours’ drive, you’ve got these iconic fishing locations. People just love barra fishing.

Ursula: Lots of people tell me catching a barra is on their bucket list and it’s one of the great sports fish behind Marlin and Salmon. Families love getting together and going fishing too as it brings them together.

What’s your go-to fishing hack?

Jarrod: My big fishing hack is to book a fishing guide, listen to what they say and let them put you onto a good fish.

What Million Dollar Fish product are you offering for Season 6?

Ursula: If someone catches a Million Dollar Fish or a $10,000 fish on our boat, they will get to keep the rod, reel and lure they caught it on and they will also get a Shimano outfit. We will also have a weekly draw for all the people that come up to the Territory fishing with us and they’ll get their money back.

Why should people visit the NT during the Wet Season/Tropical Summer to catch barra?

Jarrod: The Wet Season is a fantastic time to come fishing in the Territory. After those morning storms and between those late afternoon storms, there’s some fantastic barra fishing to chase that $1 million fish.

Ursula: The Wet Season is the prettiest time in the Top End. It’s a great time to come up and chill out as there’s not as many people around and everything slows down.

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