Registrations open for Season 6

It’s no secret that the Territory’s home to some of the best fishing in Australia.

Now with Season 6 of Million Dollar Fish, you could take home huge cash prizes of up to a million bucks if you reel in a verified tagged barra.

Don’t worry if you’re not mad keen on fishing, either. This season we’re encouraging everyone from first-time anglers to those who live and breathe fishing to register.

Any type of fisho is in with a winning chance with multiple ways to win big with Million Dollar Fish, which kicks off from 1 October 2020 until 31 March 2021.

Over 100 prize-tagged barras, including a staggering seven tagged barra worth $1 million each and 100 red-tagged Barra worth $10,000 each, have been released into five incredible fishing regions – Darwin, Kakadu, Arnhem Land, Katherine and Tiwi Islands.

The previous season’s $1 million tag numbers to look out for include:

  • S1-MDF1469
  • S2-MDF2656
  • S3-MDF3556
  • S4-MDF4540 and S4-MDF4663
  • S5-MDF5501

A further 20 purple-tagged fish worth $5000 have been released, to be split between the lucky fisho and their choice of three NT based charities; Cancer Council NT, Star Ball through the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and the Shimano Junior Indigenous Guide Program, through the Hayden-Reynolds Project.

For the first time ever, Million Dollar Fish has introduced the Double Tag Barra, worth $15,000 ($10,000 to the lucky fisho and $5000 to their mate).

All you need to do is register and fish in the NT. By registering, you’ll also go into our Lucky Prize Pool draw, where every month we’ll be giving away epic prizes from our partners.

If you’re going to fish in the NT you’ll need a shirt that’s cool to look at, cool to wear and protects you from the sun’s harmful rays. So make sure you grab an official Million Dollar Season 6 shirt made right here in Darwin.

For the first time ever, we’ve partnered with our mates at BigFish Gear to make the limited edition shirt which is ultra-cool, comfortable and lightweight and offers high UV protection.

With an awesome design starring the elusive Million Dollar Fish, it’s a must for any self respecting fisho’s collection. And remember, when you register with Million Dollar Fish you get almost 40 per cent off the RRP.

Over 40 prize fish have been won since the comp began in 2015, but the elusive Million Dollar Fish is yet to be reeled in by one lucky fisho. Are you keen to try your luck?

Make sure you register now.

Register to get 40% off our official Season 6 shirt

Huge news! We’ve just released our first-ever official Million Dollar Fish shirt!

The limited edition, locally made fishing shirt features iconic Territory wildlife and landscapes, including the elusive red-tagged Million Dollar Fish himself.  A must-have for any self-respecting fisho, the shirt was designed and produced by our good mates at Big Fish Gear.

The shirts retail at $89.95 but fishos who register for Million Dollar Fish Season 6 will get an exclusive code for almost 40 per cent off.

Josh Ker from BigFish Gear said they wanted to create something uniquely Territorian.

“We thought about all the different environments a person coming to the Territory to fish might come across.

From Jabiru’s escarpments and waterfalls to mud crabs, lilies and barra, we wanted to capture all those elements that make this place so unique. Definitely a shirt for the fishing collection.”

Josh, who’s watched his business grow from a one-man show to 15 staff operation since it started in 2008, said the official shirts, like all their fishing apparel, are 100% designed, printed and manufactured in the Northern Territory.

“The whole production, from printing, pressing and cutting to sewing and packing all happens here in Darwin at a factory in Winnellie. All we source from interstate is the custom-made fabric.”

If you catch a tagged fish while wearing the official Million Dollar Fish Season 6 shirt, Big Fish Gear will chuck in a $1000 gift voucher.

“We’ll just need a photo of the angler with the tagged fish while wearing the shirt.”

Made from a lightweight, cool material with high UVP sun protection, the official Season 6 shirt is quick drying, won’t fade or break down, and is suitable for all weather.

“We know our shirts are the best because we live, work and play in them every day. You can buy cheaper versions, but as soon as you go out in the sun you’ll cook.”

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to align a product with Australia’s richest fishing competition,” Joshua said. “We’re really proud our official Season 6 shirts will help put Million Dollar Fish and the Territory on the map.”

Register to Million Dollar Fish here

Q&A with Reel Screamin’ Barra Fishing

Run by long time locals Ursula and Jarrod Godson, Reel Screamin’ Barra Fishing has been operating in the Top End since 2004. The Darwin-based business owners run fishing charters right across the Top End, with many a meterey caught by locals and visitors alike over the years.

Where’s your favourite fishing spot in the Territory?

Ursula: We love going out to Shady Camp – it just seems like a world away from everywhere. There’s no mobile phone range, there’s plenty of crocodiles and it’s always fun!

Jarrod: That’s where I (Jarrod) caught my first barramundi – I like to sneak out there just after the run off when everybody else goes home. I’ve got a couple of favourite spots out there that we got the family out to.

Which fishing season is your favourite?

Jarrod: My favourite fishing season is the Run Off, closely followed by the Build Up. It’s so special – you’ve got all the flood waters, it’s a very busy time of the year but it’s very rewarding.

Ursula: I do love going out in the Build Up. Over the years we’ve tended to go out on Melbourne Cup day together to go out for a fish and that’s always been good because there’s been no one else out on the water.

Why do you think so many people come up to the Territory to chase barra?

Jarrod: We have got a great Run Off and we’ve got a fantastic Build Up. You can stay in Darwin and within two hours’ drive, you’ve got these iconic fishing locations. People just love barra fishing.

Ursula: Lots of people tell me catching a barra is on their bucket list and it’s one of the great sports fish behind Marlin and Salmon. Families love getting together and going fishing too as it brings them together.

What’s your go-to fishing hack?

Jarrod: My big fishing hack is to book a fishing guide, listen to what they say and let them put you onto a good fish.

What Million Dollar Fish product are you offering for Season 6?

Ursula: If someone catches a Million Dollar Fish or a $10,000 fish on our boat, they will get to keep the rod, reel and lure they caught it on and they will also get a Shimano outfit. We will also have a weekly draw for all the people that come up to the Territory fishing with us and they’ll get their money back.

Why should people visit the NT during the Wet Season/Tropical Summer to catch barra?

Jarrod: The Wet Season is a fantastic time to come fishing in the Territory. After those morning storms and between those late afternoon storms, there’s some fantastic barra fishing to chase that $1 million fish.

Ursula: The Wet Season is the prettiest time in the Top End. It’s a great time to come up and chill out as there’s not as many people around and everything slows down.

Check out Reel Screamin’ Barra’s Million Dollar Fish tour here on our Fishing Experiences page.

Q&A with Mark Berg from Fishing Addiction

Clearwater Island Lodge has been operating in the Territory for 16 years. Managers Michael and Kerri-Ann Benton have teamed up with Mark Berg, host of 7MATE TV show Fishing Addiction, to reel in another competition deal for fishos wanting to experience a once-in-a-lifetime fishing adventure for Season 6. We chatted to Mark Berg to find out more.

When did you catch your first fish?

I’ve been fishing all my life, since I was about two. My first fish was a mullet and I was about five or six. I knew from a very young age that fishing was my passion and I would continue to chase that ever-elusive ‘fish-of-a-lifetime’ for the rest of my days. I really am no-one special, I’m just a guy that has managed to find a way to share my addiction with other fishing addicts.

Where has your fishing addiction taken you?

All over the world and through many amazing locations throughout this wonderful country of ours to do battle with some incredible species of fish. I have caught just about everything that swims and now I get to share my experiences with a new fisho on my TV show each time we travel. I literally have the best job in the world! 

What can fishos expect who grab a Million Dollar Fish package through Clearwater?

Fishing with some of the best guides and in some of the best locations I have learnt so much and hope that people who take part may pick up a trick or two.

What’s your best fishing hack?

Don’t give up! Keep on casting even when things look like they’re not going to happen. Keep casting, casting, casting, then all of a sudden you’re on. The harder you work the more reward you will get.

What’s your most memorable catch?

At Clearwater it would have to be a 113cm threadfin salmon. I’ve also caught copious amounts of barra there, too. Some sessions have just been incredible. One time this other guy and I caught 200 barra in about three hours. That was about 10 years ago and was the most insane barra session I’ve ever had in my life. I’ll never forget this guy from the first season of my TV show, either.  We were in the Territory and he caught a metre barra, a metre threadie and a metre jewfish all in one morning. Oh, and he got a mud crab on a lure – the guy was on fire. 

What’s your bucket list fish?

I’ve pretty much caught all the ones I’m after in the Territory. I never get tired of the iconic one metre barra, though. Every season I try to catch at least one every time I’m here. Outside of the Territory, my bucket list fish would be catching a 200lb tarpon in New Mexico. I’m always hoping to capture a new species or develop a new technique.

What’s the best months of the year to come fishing in the Territory?

The run off period – from mid-February to end of April/May – is definitely spectacular fishing for barra. But really, you can fish in the Territory all year round. You can certainly catch quality fish any time of the year

Where’s your go-to fishing spot in the Territory?

There’s such a myriad of locations that are so different and unique that’s it’s hard to pick one. I have been going back to Clearwater for about 14 years now because of the diversity of fishing. There’s barra, estuary species and fantastic blue water fishing as well.


Recap on Season 5

Season 5 of Million Dollar Fish was a huge success for local fishos, with six Territorians reeling in prize-tagged barra across the Northern Territory.

A total of five $10,000 fish were caught from 1 October 2019 – 31 March 2020. The lucky fishos were Greg Fry, Jamie McGuinness, Daniel Klingner, Jamie Cooper and Jethro Kahler.

Adam Waye was the only angler to catch a purple-tagged charity fish, which saw $5,000 split evenly between him and the Starlight Children’s Foundation in the Top End.

Northern Territory Major Events Company CEO Tim Watsford said it was great to see thousands of anglers from across the Territory and Australia become involved with the competition by registering for Season 5.

“Aside from showcasing the NT as a world-class fishing destination, Million Dollar Fish has also played a significant role in boosting visitor numbers and supporting local businesses.”

Sportsbet Strategic Partnership Manager Brad Fanning congratulated the six Territorians who reeled in prize-tagged barra during Season 5.

“While we weren’t able to present anyone with the $1 million cheque, I was thrilled to see local fishos reel in $10,000 and $5,000 tags.”

A total of 121 tagged barramundi were released across the NT last season, including one red-tagged $1 million fish, 100 red-tagged barra worth $10,000 and a further 20 purple-tagged charity fish worth $5,000.

Although the Million Dollar Fish wasn’t landed during Season 5, local and interstate entrants took home more than $30,000 of prizes from the Lucky Prize Pool including gift cards, fishing gear and holiday packages.

Tips to be Crocwise

Whenever you’re near the ocean, a river, a lake, a billabong, or any body of water in the Top End, you are in croc country, so Be Crocwise.

The Territory is home to thousands of freshwater crocs and an estimated 100,000 salties, who sit firmly at the top of the food chain. Fishos, crocs are probably your biggest competition when it comes to bagging a barra.

They’ve also been known to attack boats and people, but if you remember to Be Crocwise, you’ll reduce your risk of a nasty encounter. Remember – salties can be found in freshwater or saltwater, so you are likely to see a croc or two on your fishing adventures. If you don’t see them, rest assured, they are there.

Did you know that our mates at TIO are giving free Crocodile Attack Insurance to everyone who registers for Million Dollar Fish?


  • Stay alert when launching or retrieving your boat
  • Don’t lean out of your boat or dangle your arms or legs over the side and remember, the smaller the boat, the bigger the risk
  • Stand at least five meters back from the water’s edge while fishing from land, and never stand on overhanging logs
  • Dispose of your fishing rubbish well away from the water’s edge
  • Do not enter or lean over the water to retrieve a lure
  • Obey all crocodile warning signs; they are there for your protection
  • Avoid paddling, cleaning fish, preparing food, washing or carrying out repetitive actions at the water’s edge or boatside
  • Always use landing nets when bringing in fish
  • Never provoke or harass crocodiles
  • Always report problem or aggressive crocodiles (in Darwin call 0419 822 859, in Katherine call 0407 958 405, in Kakadu call (08) 8938 1120)
  • If fishing at night, illuminate the outside of your boat so you can see what is around you, and stay back from the edge of the boat
  • Use wire crab traps to make it harder for crocodiles to access your bait and catch
  • Get out of the water as quickly as possible if you fall in
  • Do not interfere with crocodile traps


  • Camp at least 50m from the water’s edge
  • Avoid places where animals and livestock drink
  • Avoid returning to the same spot at the water’s edge to fill your bucket
  • Never prepare food, wash dishes or do other tasks near the water’s edge or next to sloping banks
  • Fill up your bucket and move away from the water’s edge quickly
  • Dispose of food scraps, fishing rubbish and other waste in bins away from your campsite, and check that other campers have not left these things behind

For more information visit